Sa·bío adj. 1. Shows or contains wisdom. 2. Has significant knowledge acquired through studies.

Sabio, which opened in April 2012, is Lexington’s popular and trendy casual, fine dining  establishment located in downtown Lexington on the corner of Maxwell and Mill Streets, inside historic Dudley Square. Our contemporary decor, sophisticated art, welcoming hospitality and international menu with artfully presented dishes provide a sophisticated atmosphere perfect for everything from casual lunch meetings to formal dinner celebrations to fun and relaxing happy hour gatherings.

Stop by to grab a drink and relax on our large, Courtyard Patio Oasis, or, if you’re feeling extra naughty you can hang out with the bad kids in the funky Detention Bar. Our menu, prepared by James Beard Award Winning Chef, Executive Chef and Owner Javier Lanza is made entirely from scratch in the Sabio Kitchen and features Kentucky Proud ingredients as well as herbs grown in the Sabio Herb Garden.